Our blog offers updated information about the unjust imprisonment of the peace activist and journalist Yannis-Vasilis Yaylali by the Turkish government on 22 of April 2017, within the context of the recent human rights violations in Turkey today.

His imprisonment two days before the commemoration of the Armenian Genocide presents the failure of the Turkish state to recognize the Genocide it committed against Armenians, Assyrians, Greeks and Yezidis between the years 1914 and 1923, while still jailing everyone who condemns, writes or even talks about these facts like Yannis-Vasilis.

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About us

#FreeYannis is made to work as an informational hub on the case of the peace activist Vasilis-Yannis Yaylali.

It is also made to connect you with Yannis-Vasilis lawyer or his partner Meral Geylani if you need more information either you work for an organization or for the Press.  If so, please contact us immediately at: info@freeyannis.com

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The blog is made by the Pontian Youth of Athens & Piraeus and the Pontian University Students of Athens & Piraeus.

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Contact us: info@freeyannis.com

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For any information needed about Yannis-Vasilis case, for a contact with his lawer or any extra queries please write us immediately, we ‘ll be glad to come in contact with you.

Pontian Youth Union of  Attica
Pontian University Students of Attica

Email: info@freeyannis.com