31.8.17 Yannis-Vasilis demonstrates in jail marching for peace on September 1st.

Yannis-Vasilis will be walking for 42 hours demonstrating for peace inside his jail in Elazığ prison.

He will be walking for 6 hours a day, 42 hours a week, 3 hours before lunch and 3 hours after lunch from September 1st (World Peace Day) to September 7th in the courtyard of his room, in Elazığ High Security Prison.

He says “I will walk for peace, Roboski, justice, for the right struggle of the Roboski families and against the unlawful arrests”. Read the full article from Vicdaniret.org:  http://vicdaniret.org/tutsak-vicdani-retci-barisa-olan-ihtiyacimizi-dillendirmek-yuruyecegim/