25.7.18 Yannis-Vasilis Yaylali released with restrictive terms!

Dear friends we are glad to announce that on the 25th of July 2018, the Turkish court let Yannis-Vasilis Yaylali free with restrictive terms until the 3rd of December that is the next court date. Here is Yannis-Vasilis first message after his release:

Dear friends, after 15 months I found my way and got my life back… But my joy is bitter sweet because I left thousands of friends back in jail and I bring their greetings from inside. Please remember that even in the toughest conditions the cold iron can get warm and the concrete can get green. These days a piece of my heart is with these comrades and another one is with Greece after this terrible fire.

Many thanks to the friend who brought me home and to my beloved Meral!

Definitely yours,
Yannis-Vasilis Yaylali

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