About us

#FreeYannis is made to work as an informational hub on the case of the peace activist Vasilis-Yannis Yaylali.

It is also made to connect you with Yannis-Vasilis lawyer or his partner Meral Geylani if you need more information either you work for an organization or for the Press.  If so, please contact us immediately at: info@freeyannis.com

#FreeYannis also works to make more safe and prompt everyone to support our cause and sign our campaign at Avaaz.org here: http://bit.ly/2kdlxbW

The blog is made by the Pontian Youth of Athens & Piraeus and the Pontian University Students of Athens & Piraeus.

Your sincerely,
Pontian Youth Union of Attica (http:// epona.gr)
Pontian University Students of Attica (On FB: http:// goo.gl/kywLG3)

Contact us: info@freeyannis.com