Press articles

1. Read an extensive article about Yannis Vasilis Yaylali from the Armenian Weekly:

2. Read the report of Amnesty International about the violation of freedom of expression in Turkey today:

3. Read the Time’s magazine article on the “οpen letter” sent from five major human rights organizations about the situation in Turkey (Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, Avaaz, International Trade Union Confederation and Transparency International):

4. Read the extensive article of Al Jazeera about human rights violations in today Turkey in the context of the failed coup attempt of 2016:

5. Read the report of Avaaz about the recent arrest of ten activist of five different organization’s in Turkey:

. Read the article of the Asbarez newspaper about the recent ban in the Turkish parliament of the words “Armenian genocide”, “Kurdistan” and “Kurdish regions” from being used in the legislative body… :

. Read three more articles and reports about Amnesty’s International Board chair and Director arrests in Turkey: US State Department, EU, and Germany are sharply criticizing the arrests. From the global DW newspaper:, from A.I.: and

8. A very interesting interview of Yannis-Vasilis Yaylali about his life as a Turkish soldier in the special forces and as a conscientious objector and activist (Corporate Watch-UK):

9. The news of Yannis-Vasilis Yaylali arrest on the Turkish and Kurdish newspapers:

10. Stockholm Center For Freedom informing on the recent arrest of Yannis-Vasilis:

11. Associated Press on the accusations against prof. Orsan Oymen of “insulting the president”:  “Hundreds of people […] are being prosecuted under a previously seldom-used law that bars insults to the president. Free speech advocates say Erdogan is aggressively using the law to muffle dissent.” Read the full article: